Nastroflex occupies a leading position in the production and conversion of coated abrasives for sanding surfaces. Nastroflex products target industrial applications in wood and furniture, metalworking, weaving, tanning and footwear, glass, terracotta and ceramics.

Nastroflex was founded in 1970 by the Palù family, already active in the abrasives industry for many years. At the time, the company focused on the conversions of coated abrasives products. Over the years it developed in diverse sectors and target markets, with a strong orientation towards product performances in response to specific and ever-changing industrial needs.

In 1985 Nastroflex acquired Abrasivi Industriali, holder of the trademark Grinco, a historic Milan-based manufacturer of abrasives paper finishing and refinishing products for industrial applications, and for distribution. This acquisition enabled Nastroflex to control also the production process.

In 2003 Nastroflex acquired the “Crocodile” trademark, a brand with a history of more than a century in the abrasives industry, and holder of innovative patents in the field of advanced chemistry. With this acquisition, Nastroflex earned access to new markets in North America, the Far East, and Europe.


Today Nastroflex holds a leading international position in the production and conversion of coated abrasives products. In recent years it has undertaken a focused investment plan to further improve the customer offer, increasing, to a greater extent, the quality of products and technical support.

Nastroflex presenza nel mondo

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